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Aimee Baker doing Pilates Yoga Slings

Hello, I’m Aimee Baker, I've been teaching Pilates since 2001 and have helped hundreds of people improve their lives.  

It's not just Pilates. Drawing from a multitude of exercise modalites including Slings Myofascial Training, Pilates, Yoga and functional exercise, 21 years of teaching experience and integral anatomy studies, I create effective, hand-selected movement programs that help my clients refine their postural balance, achieve movement ease, be strong, trust in their body’s resourcefulness and invigorate their vitality.  

It’s not just a workout. It’s ‘transformational movement’ that has the capacity to change you. FOREVER.   

Do you have your best posture? Are you looking to feel at home and confident in your body? Do you want to find an inner motivation to move because you love how moving makes you feel?  Is it time to reclaim your body and your life after an injury?


It’s never too late to improve how you move and get better at or back to the activities you love, be they tennis, gardening, golfing, playing with your kids, or outdoor activities.


Together, we can help you feel vibrantly alive!


1. Baker Bites

25 minutes • Fascia-Focused • Movement LOVE 💜 • 3-5x weekly

Slings Myofascial Training • Pilates • YOGA • TRX • OOV • Reformer

Live ZOOM classes and On-Demand recordings for $39/month






2. Private & QUAD Coaching Sessions

(Online & In-Person)


"I've been taking pilates for over a decade and the way you teach is different and so much more effective than my other experiences. You describe not just what to do, but how it should feel. You describe how these movements should feel in multiple ways - your creativity in describing allows me to "find" my muscles. 


In a methodology that really requires subtle movements, it can be challenging to activate the correct muscle groups - but how you teach leads your students on a very effective path. Even when the class is done and I'm doing a totally different activity - I can hear your voice in my head leading me to how various movements and muscle groups should feel. 


I can't tell you how helpful this has been, and what a unique and compelling skill set you have. You are a rare and gifted teacher. I see you, I appreciate you, and...bravo!"


"Aimee, You help people understand their bodies.  My healing would not be possible without you."


"Thank you! To finally work with someone who is also hypermobile is life-changing. You understand my challenges when no one else knew what I was talking about. Slings Myofascial Training works. I’m grateful our lives intersected." 


"Aimee is my favorite fas(cia)-ist."



“I really believe that Aimee gave me back my life and my ability to enjoy all the activities I did before my injury.”



“Through Aimee’s corrective movement exercises, my body was remodeled. My posture has never been better nor my everyday movement.”



“I was finished with physical therapy and knew that a gym was not the place for me. Aimee's innate ability to analyze your body function and create a program for maximum success was the catalyst that put me back into motion.”



“I was amazed at Aimee’s skills and in particular in her ability to assess my limitations and to help me to both make good choices in terms of my activities and to create a program of rehabilitation.”


“Because of my work with Aimee I am not afraid of minor aches and pains that will inevitably arise from extensive time on the tennis court because I’ve learned how to address these issues quickly and "put out the fire" without any lost playing time or pain in my everyday life.”



“I am 57 years young and Aimee has kept me healthy and strong...with good posture, standing tall with my shoulders, which were very rounded, open and free to move with confidence! There is really no one who will replace Aimee for me, well worth every penny I spent, so my advice to you is go for it!"



I would love to accompany you on your journey to becoming your best, most integrated, capable and joyful self.

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