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BAKER Bites 6-Weeks FREE 

  • BB 6 Weeks FREE

    25 minutes of Movement LOVE 💜 3-5 weekly
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • All classes are recorded and available on-demand

25 minutes • Fascia-Focused 💜 Movement LOVE  • 3-5x weekly

BAKER Bites  Sneak Peek

25 minutes • Fascia-Focused 💜 Movement LOVE  • 3-5x weekly

Slings (All Levels)


25 minutes • Fascia-Focused 💜 Movement LOVE  • 3-5x weekly

Short, sweet, and already over. EVERY TIME. The magic is in VIBES we create moving together. Let's see how the BAKER Bites transform YOU ⭐️!

 ✔️Diverse blend of Slings Myofascial Training repertoire that is sustainable on a day-to-day basis

✔️Levels for ALL:

BEGINNER = Appropriate for beginners, older adults, students with low-bone density, balance issues, who have ecently recovered from injury or have knees that don't love to be kneeled on. These classes feature bone-fortifing and low density-friendly exercises throughout class.

ALL LEVELS = In these classes you will encounter a diverse mix of repertoire.  I occasionally feature exercises that may not be ideal for certain need not be scared off, rather come armed with improvisational skills so you can create variations that your body CAN manage (and even likes 👍).

✔️Adding a consistent portion of self-directed learning into your Slings mix makes your personal transformation happen sooner and more potently. Baker Bites are a self-directed learning haven and a great starting point


✔️KNOW ONE'S SELF- Take a moment to ponder your personal motivation hierarchy:

-If a standing appointment is the thing that motivates you, look at the live class schedule and plan to attend 2-4 BAKER Bites LIVE a week.

-If recordings are your jam, schedule 2-4 slots NEXT WEEK to do Baker Bites On-Demand recordings. You can make it happen!!! 

✔️If my brain on your body is what your after, you can complement the Baker Bites with monthly, twice-monthly, or weekly private coaching sessions. This method fosters collaboration between self-study, and Aimee-lead learning, to help you...grow a whole new YOU⭐️  

✔️These are the perfect props for your Slings endeavors:

BAKER Bites Pricing Plans