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Tell me about your goals 

and movement history



Let me take a look at how you move your body

and your posture


We will build a hand-selected Pilates and Slings training program uniquely for you

The 1:1  Coaching Process


Your initial session will begin with us talking about your goals, hopes and dreams. We will identify what you are aiming for and also discuss any relevant challenges you have experienced along the way. Most of this dialogue will be anchored in your movement story and briefly touch on your injury and health history.


Full disclosure, it usually takes me about 3 sessions to really ‘get’ a person’s body.  I consider the first 3-5 sessions to be assessment sessions as it requires observation for me to develop a working strategy for you. 


In the initial session(s) I will teach you a variety of movements to get some foundational repertoire into your movement vocabulary, see how the movements go and how you learn. I will identify the places where there is the most room for improvement and establish a baseline to mark your progress. Most importantly, the information I gather in our first few sessions will give me the ability to critically think about your body and make long term and short term programming choices that are educated and considered. 

Pool Reflection Stretching


As far as body-minded movement goes, Pilates is my first love. The equipment, class structure, seamless transitions between exercises and moving meditation characteristic of Pilates stole my heart 20 years ago and my fondness for Pilates continues to grow.  


Slings Myofascial Training is a more recent arrival into my personal movement practice and teachings and I am elated that it has finally arrived. This beautiful, science-informed and experience proven movement concept developed by Karin Gurtner, has morphed my Pilates teaching into ‘transformational movement’ that has the capacity to integrate your physicality and elevate your vitality.  


As our process unfolds, without a doubt, you will begin to move with more ease, note improvements in you limberness and feel stronger. You can also expect to experience something I call ‘movement LOVE 💜,’ which is exactly that, finding LOVE in moving and recognizing that certain movements and ways of moving make you feel GREAT. 


As you blossom into a more integrated version of yourself, you might also experience shifts beyond the realm of your physicality. These changes, sometimes subtle, other times strong, will occur across the physical, emotional and mental realm. It is difficult to predict in exactly what way you will change, nor how far reaching the ripples will be felt, but change you will and it will be beautiful and fun.

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